The national AIA organization sponsors a series of three lectures for each local society on a broad range of topics. Whether you join the AIA or not, you are always welcome to attend these public lectures of the society.

Upcoming AIA Lectures (2016)

AIA National Lecture by Mireille M. Lee
Thursday, April 28, 2016

Recent Lectures (2015)

The Diplomat, the Dealer and the Digger: Writing the History of the Antiquities Trade in 19th Century Greece
Professor Yannis Galankis, University of Cambridge
Thursday, April 9, 5:00pm
210 Humanities 1, UC Santa Cruz

Arch/Whys Lunch Talks
Held in Room 261 of Social Sciences 1 at 12:30pm

-April 8 David Ingleman, Graduate Student, UCSC Department of Anthropology

-April 22 Alex Bentley, University of Bristol

-May 6 Kenneth Ames, Portland State University

-May 20 Anneke Janzen, Doctoral Candidate, UCSC Department of Anthropology

-June 3 Graduate School Workshop

Past Lectures


-May 23 Professor Anthony Barbieri-Low on "Imagining the Tomb of the First Emperor of China"

-February 14 Professor David Blank on “Volumina Herculanensia: The Library of the Villa of the Papyri and its Books"

-November 14 Professor Katherine Dunbabin on "The Romans at Dinner: A View from Archaeology and Art"


-April 2 Professor Charles Hedrick, Sr. on "Secret Mark: Second Edition or Forgery?"

-February 28 Professor J. Cameron Monroe on "Elephants for Want of Towns? New Light on Old Cities in West Africa's Atlantic Age"

-October 22 Professor Kathleen Lynch on "Sex Sells, But Who's Buying? Erotic Imagery on Athenian Vases"


-May 12 Professor Sarah Milledge Nelson on “Korea and the Silk Road"

-March 31 Professor Jodi Magness on "The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls"

-February 17 Dr. Cameron McNeil on “The Chocolate Tree and Its History among the Ancient Maya”

-December 12 Dr. Elaine Sullivan on "The Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak: 2000 years of Rituals and Renovations"


-May 13 Dr. Patrick McGovern on "Uncorking the Past: Ancient Ales, Wines, and Extreme Beverages" (followed by a reception and tasting of the Dogfish Head recreations, hosted by the Bonny Doon Vineyard and Cellar Door Café)

-April 26 Professor Jonathan Mark Kenoyer on "The Indus Civilization: New Discoveries in Pakistan and India"

-December 2 Dr. Gary Devore on "Life Among The Plebs: The Archaeology of a Lower Class Neighborhood in Pompeii”